Use the wireless router as a "bridge"

Before we move on, we need to change our wireless router's LAN (Ethernet) IP address.

Unlike the other method, we are not going to connect the WAN port on the wireless router to the RG. Instead, we are going to make the wireless router a bridge and an "extension" to the RG's existing network.

Since the RG's default LAN IP range is to (.254 is reserved for the RG), we need to make the wireless network an IP so it becomes part of the RG's network.

Refer to your wireless router's manual on how to do this.

Advantages: Preserves your existing wireless network settings; Easy to do; Utilize your current wireless network infurstructure;

Disadvantages: All your settings from the wireless router has to be manually transfered into the RG's firewall; not as flexible as the other method;

Let's get started. First off all, let's take a look at the back of the RG (not to scale):

Also let's look at the back of the wireless router. Note: this is just an example to represent MOST of the wireless routers in the markets right now. Most of them look identical in terms of connectivity they provide.

You don't have to turn them off during this process. However after certain steps you might need to power down and up the wireless router to refresh the settings. Of course it's just an suggestion, you don't have to.

  1. Using another network cord, connect a computer to one of the "Ethernet LAN Ports" on the back of the RG.
  2. Once connected, use your browser and go to this address:
  3. The AT&T U-Verse RG settings page should show up.
  4. Click on the "Home Network" on the top:

  5. Once there, we need to disable the RG's wireless network. On the right-hand side of the page, you should see a box named "Status at a Glance". Click the "Disable" button right next to the "Wireless":

  6. If you had set a system password, please enter it.
  7. The RG will ask you if you want to disable the Wireless, click "Confirm".

  8. When the "Wireless" light on the front of the RG is off, that means the RG's wireless network has been successfully disabled.
  9. Now use another or current computer, connect it to one of the "Ethernet LAN Ports" on the back of the wireless router.
  10. Logon into the router's settings page. Refer to the manual on how to do this.
  11. Go to LAN settings (might be named differently, refer to the manual), you need to DISABLE LAN DHCP SERVER FUNCTION and CHANGE YOUR ROUTER'S LAN IP to something like, as long as it is on the same subnet (192.168.1.x) with the RG.

  12. Reboot your wireless router & disconnect your computer from the router.
  13. Using an Ethernet cord, connect one of the "Ethernet LAN Ports" on the back of the router to one of the "Ethernet LAN Ports" on the back of the RG.
  14. Wait until the router boots back up again, then either using same computer via Ethernet to the router or using a wireless client to the router's wireless network, try to browse the Internet.
  15. If it all goes well? Great, if not? Check out the Trouleshoot.

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